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Michelangelo Photo

Michelangelo is one of the greatest artistic geniuses that ever lived; no scripture or work of art is ever complete without the mention of Michelangelo. His work is well scattered across the globe including the statue of David and the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the Pieta to name just a few. Michelangelo’s work is simply marvelous and spans every dimension of the art realm, from painting, sculpting, to being an architect. He also happened to be a genius in general as well; he was a pioneering engineer of the Renaissance along with being a poet as well.  There was truly nothing he couldn’t do.

Michelangelo was born on March 6, 1475 in Caprese, Italy. His full name was Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarrotu Simoni, instead of showing keenness towards education Michelangelo was more tempted by the paintings he saw adorning churches and was fascinated by the painters who used to flood the area of Tuscany where he was raised. Michelangelo’s legacy is remarkable, even during his own time he became a name synonymous with artistic beauty and virtuosity. Many of Michelangelo’s contemporaries recognized his rare talents; his work was so sought after by famous pedigrees including popes and dukes, and some of the most powerful men commissioned him for work. Michelangelo’s work was filled with a deep authentic intensity; there was a sense of realism attached to all of his works taking the viewer to another dimension when one first gazes at his masterpieces. He was a man of sheer brilliance, which is why each of his masterpieces is laden with a sense of realism – art lovers today marvel at how deep Michelangelo got in the meaning of all of his works.

Michelangelo’s work is so powerful that it often leaves the viewer speechless, for instance his famous statue of David – the most exquisite sculpture of the Renaissance. Carved in complete marble, the statue is symbolic with the Biblical hero David. It graces the Palazzo della Signoria, at the heart of Florence. Due to its outlandish nature – the statue is carved in complete nude form – it became a symbol of defiance against the Florentine Republic when it was initially placed there. Certain masterpieces of Michelangelo’s are deeply laden in religion, as in the case of David. The story behind the sculpture is that it is David right before he went into battle with Goliath, hence the sculptures face is tense and focused at the same time. So large is the statue in nature that it’s a miracle Michelangelo was even able to make it himself, to this day many art lovers believe that Michelangelo breathed life into a biblical hero whom many had forgotten. Religion was always closely related to Michelangelo’s work, even in his painting Pieta, a hauntingly beautiful portrayal of Christ in the arms of Mary after his crucifixion. The painting is glorious even if the subject matter it based on the tragic events that transpired, it’s hard to believe Michelangelo was just 24 years old when he made this.

Perhaps the most challenging of all of his works was the ceiling painting of the Sistine chapel which took Michelangelo 4 years to complete. The painting comprises of 12 figures, 7 prophets and 5 sibyls filled in between with scenes from the Genesis. It is regarding as Michelangelo’s most challenging work, and is also considered his most beautiful to this date. With Michelangelo it is very difficult to pick a favorite since there are so many to begin with. He is in every essence and form, one of the greatest artists that ever lived.

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