Eduardo Kingman

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Eduardo Kingman Photo

Eduardo Kingman was a renowned and notable Ecuadorian painter, who was given the title, ‘painter of the hands’. Eduardo was an active and popular social activist whose work depicted the realities, miseries, abuses and exploitation that marked the lives of the indigenous Ecuadorian people. Eduardo is considered to be one of the most influential artists of the 20th century who has greatly influenced the world by the softness of his art, the richness of his colors and his Mexican murals.

Eduardo Kingman was born on February 23, 1913, in Loja, Ecuador. He grew up in Quito while living with his mother, and he attended a primary school in the neighborhood. He was quite sure from a very early age that art was his one and only calling, and hence, soon after finishing school, he enrolled himself at the School of Fine Arts in Quito, where he was taught by notable teachers, Luis Mideros and Victor Mideros. In 1931, Eduardo decided to travel to Guayaquil, where he won a live drawing for the newspaper, El Universo.

In 1933, Eduardo showcased his work at his first exhibition, and more exhibitions of his work followed shortly after, for instance, his remarkable oil painting, ‘El Carbonero’, was showcased in the Municipal Hall of Quito. Eduardo’s fame in the US spread during 1939, when he collaborated with Camilo Egas, in painting and decorating the Ecuadorian Pavilion at the World Fair, which was held in New York. In 1940, Eduardo decided to build his own gallery, the Caspicara Art gallery, which he dedicated to progressive art.

Towards 1940, Eduardo’s art took the shape of huge murals, some of which adorned the Institute de Altos Estudios National, and the Chapel of the Filosofado, San Gregoria, and Temple of the nation. He travelled all over the world extensively, and held exhibitions of his works at major art capitals around the world, such as Paris, Bogota, London, Washington, Mexico, San Francisco, and Caracas. In 1981, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a retrospective exhibition dedicated to his art.

Eduardo has been the recipient of several awards and accolades, for instance, the 1st prize of the V Salon of Plastic arts, the ‘Mariano Aguilera’ award, the medal to the artistic merit of the municipality of Guayaquil and the national award for merit in the degree of Commander. Eduardo has served as a professor to his Alma matter, and in addition to this, he was also appointed as museum director at the Museo de Arte Colonial de Quito.

Some of his best known and highly acclaimed works include, ‘Maternidad’, ‘Memorias’, ‘Perfil’, ‘Mother and Son’, ‘Portrait of a Woman with a Basket’, ‘La Flauta’, ‘Contienda’, ‘El Beso’, ‘En Oracion’, ‘La Lavandera’, ‘La Sena Miserable’ and ’Perfil Maternal’ among many others.

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