David Hockney

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David Hockney Photo

David Hockney, born on 9 July 1937, is famous English painter and designer. Much of Hockney’s work is autobiographical. He is noted for his strange and eccentric lifestyle. Perhaps, this is what brings the unique edge to much of his work.

Hockney spent his early childhood in Bradford, England and had four siblings. From a very young age, Hockney loved to read and draw. His father was very encouraging in his son’s pursuit of his artistic dreams. Hockney is quoted to have had admired Picasso from very early on.

In 1948, David Hockney won a scholarship to the Bradford Grammar School. Over here, he really enjoyed his art classes. However, he didn’t share the same sentiments for other subjects. He was always considered strange and unusual by his peers. Soon after his enrollment, Hockney is known have written an application to the headmaster asking for permission to transfer to an art school. The headmaster however responded by asking him to complete his schooling first. Hockney completed his remaining terms getting below average grades even though he had done remarkably well in his academia before this.

From 1953 to 1957, Hockney attended, Bradford College of Art. It was here that Hockney realized his love for art and that he is meant to tread on an artistic power. For the next two years he spent his time in hospitals to fulfill a national service requirement. In 1959 he enrolled himself at the Royal College of Art in London and entered a company of many young artists. It was thereafter that his work won many laurels and prizes.

David Hockney’s work had a literary inclination to it which drew inspiration from poetry. His paintings of swimming pools made him acquire fame among many. He also painted the exteriors and interiors of the houses in California. In 1964, Hockney went to Los Angeles to teach at the University of Iowa. He did not enjoy his time here but he did manage to complete a significant portion of his artistic work during this stay. He returned to London in 1968.

Hockney was not one to shy away from his homosexuality. In fact his sexual orientation is depicted explicitly in much of his work.

Two years later, Hockney fell in love with his nineteen year old student Peter Schlesinger. Peter is quoted to have had everything Hockney wanted in a man. Peter even became Hockney’s subject for many of his paintings. In fact many of Hockney’s work imply his intimacy with Peter.

However around 1971 the age gap between the two began to create problems. The duo took a break and reunited when Hockney moved to Paris in 1973. However the two still could not work things out. Soon after, Peter left David, who became so depressed that he started taking Valium.

Apart from being an artist, David Hockney was also a very talented photographer. In the mid 1970s Hockney had withdrew from painting altogether to concentrate more on his photography. It happened only in the late 1980s that Hockney reentered the realms of painting. It was during this time that Hockney began to incorporate technology in most of his work. He also experimented with photo collages which he called “joiners”.

The incorporation of technology in his work is what made it accessible to his audience. His paintings are a display of love and heart break. Consequently, his audience experiences a personal connection with each one of his masterpieces.

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