Cecily Brown

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Cecily Brown Photo

It is not every day that a female artist graces the screen as a painter of stimulating imagery; Cecily Brown’s unique artistic style fluctuates between figuration and abstraction. It is no secret that in a male dominated field, there have been very few artists who have been able to make a mark and Brown happens to be one of them. The British born New York based artist is also considered to be quite the fashionable artist with the waiting list for buying her paintings being pages long. Brown is also one of those rare female artists who paint a lot of female nudes, but in a very graceful and mystical manner. In fact a lot of her work borders in on eroticism, but it is also very classy and elegant which sums up Brown’s own distinct style.

Cecily Brown was born in 1969 in London, UK to an art critic father and a novelist mother. She may have inherited her artistic edge to a certain degree from both her parents. Brown studied at the Epsom School of Art in Surrey and then later enrolled at Morley College for studying printmaking and drawing classes. Brown’s last stop at studying art was the Slade School of Art in London. At Slade Brown excelled at art and went on to win the prestigious first prize at the National Competition for British Art Students. After completion of her studies Brown worked briefly as a waitress and then later as creative manager in an animation studio. Brown has been heavily influenced by painters like Willem de Kooning, Francis Bacon, Goya, Rubers and Poussin. While Brown sticks to the traditional style of oil and canvases she is adamant in producing something different each time her brush touches the canvas, not just for the viewer but for herself as well.  With Brown’s paintings you have a strong pull factor associated with them, they are impossible to walk past and one must stop and gaze at them for they are that attention grabbing. For Brown the more an artist is involved in a painting from scratch the more they get back from the painting at the end of the day. Brown is also not an artist who likes pushing boundaries instead preferring to stay close to them – quite a different turn compared to other artists who like pushing the boundaries of art.  Brown states that as an artist one must accept and respect the boundaries of art, they don’t have to be confining for there is plenty of space within them to be creative and experiment at the same time.

One of Brown’s provocative paintings happens to be the Teenaged Wildlife. It is simple oil on canvas and showcases one female and one male – both in the nude – entangled in a tryst in the middle of wild shrubbery. The way she has painted both the figures, in a way that it looks like they have been melted into the canvas. Cecily Brown has used soft colors to give a soothing effect to the painting and the oil factor is there to make it look for amiable and provocative at the same time.

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